Serene Offers: KA Band VSAT Solution, the cheapest satellite internet solution with great value...

EDMS: Electronic Data Management System, All office work done at one stop working environment...

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Welcome To Our Company

Serene Networks is an Information Technology Consultancy Firm. We have been providing ICT solutions to Banks, Educational Institutions, stock broking and beverages industry since 2001.

We are now with the purpose of offering complete, enterprise-level Information and Communication technology (ICT) Support solution to Government bodies, Non Govermental bodies, Insurrance companies, oil servicing companies and Small and medium enterprises.

This initiative has made the company to become one of the leading ICT companies in Nigeria offering unbeatable ICT solutions for the different industrial and corporate sector in the country.


Our aim is to use technology to improve the way our clients work and communicate, which we believe will directly improve productivity and their business growth as a whole.

As part of our package, we attempt a recovery console to every possible faulty equipment what so ever in time, to save down time in business, because every technology implemented and working fine for several months tend to become faulty or stop responding unexpectedly.

Of course any IT solution is only as good as the technical support available to it, which is why we lay a lot of emphasis on technical support to our clients. For a stipend monthly, we can provide onsite and offsite technical support to client network infrastructure and users in the infrastructure.

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