What We Offer



¢ IT Equipment Repairs and Supplies

We are also involved in the supply and Repair of any type of IT equipment. We have been able to build up partnerships with manufacturers and distributors of these equipments. We supply these equipments at a very affordable rate since they are directly purchased from the manufacturers.

The following are the various equipment we repair and supply:

  • VSAT equipment (C-band and KU-band) of all sizes of dishes ( 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m, 3.8m and earth station). Satellite Modems (both TDMA and SCPC), BUC, SSPA, TRANSCIEVERS, LNB (KU band and C-band) LNA, all types of cables, connectors etc.
  • Wireless Accessories: Wireless radio (WIFI and WIMAX)., wireless antennas, cables, connectors,
  • Constructions and installation of all sizes of mast and towers.
  • Networking accessories, Cisco switches/ routers, patch panel, all sizes of racks, network cables, and connectors.
  • We also supply Laptops and softwares of all applications depending on your needs.

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