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¢ VSAT Earth Station Installations

With a wealth of experience in the Satellite industry, we have provided Satellite communication for numerous applications raging from ISP connectivity, satellite connectivity for corporate bodies. We provide this solution with a goal of bringing to the corporate market a very stable IP over satellite infrastructure that has been proven to be fast and reliable. With our SCPC (Single channel per carrier) services, we give you a full guarantee of the most reliable IP over Satellite solution.

We have been able to provide unmatched internet connection for institution and corporate organizations. We have relationship with various satellite and Hub operators providing coverage directly to Africa Market, using dishes of different sizes for connection. We provide both C-band and KU-band solution depending on the customer's requirement. Currently, we have been able to point antennas to various C-band, KU-band and KA-band satellite like PAS1r, ISO907, NSS7, NSS10 (formal AMC12), LMI-1 ISO903, Express3A, W3A, IS907, and so much more.

No matter your present location, or even the barrier, let us design a VSAT to support your present needs install and activate it. All at a very affordable rate

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